Our Stated Goal | VBCA Board
Vermont Basketball Coaches Association Constitution
Final Draft(10-03-2003)
Article I - Name
The name of this organization shall be called
TheVermont Basketball Coaches Association.(hereafter referred to as the VBCA).
Article II - Executive Director

1. The Executive Director will be hired by the Executive Board at the annual Spring meeting to execute the wishes of the board.
a. Handle financial duties
b. Mailings, agendas, and any other items necessary for the proper operation of the board.
c. To be spokesperson for the board.

Article III - Memberships and Dues
1. The membership of the Association shall be open to any Vermont Basketball Coach, past and present.
2. Dues shall be set at an Executive Board meeting by vote of the Board.

Article IV - Purpose

1. To promote and make basketball better in Vermont
2. To provide a liaison to the Vermont Pricncipals Association

Article V - Executive Board

1. Executive Board shall consist of 3 officers(President, Vice President, and Secretary), 3 girls and 3 boys coaches from all 4 divisions for a total of 27(elected for 3 yr. term), plus at large berths for former Executive Board members. Geographical representation should be a consideration in the selection of each divisions representatives.
2. The main duties of the Board shall be:
a. Set up yearly calendar
b. Take care of financial concerns of the association
c. Make basketball better
d. Promote sportsmanship and ethics
e. To appoint all standing and special committees
f. To suggests items for agendas for each meeting
g. To call special meetings as the need arises
h. To elect officers of the board
3. Replacement could occur for lack of representation

Article VI - Duties and Elections Officers

1. The Officers of the Executive Board shall be, President, Vice President, and Secretary.

2. The duties of the President - Administer annual meeting and to preside over regular meetings in the absence of the Executive Director. To be available to consult with Executive Director about Basketball issues.

3. Duties of the Vice President - Assist President and replace the President, if President is unable to fulfill his/her duties.

4. Duties of the Secretary
a. Responsible for taking minutes of meetings and distributing them to the Executive Board.
b. Taking attendance

5. Elections of Officers
a. All Officers shall come from and shall be elected by vote of the Executive Board for a term of three years.

Article VII Meetings and Quorum

1. Meetings - The Executive Board may be convened at any time at the request of the Executive Director or the President. The Executive Board will meet prior to any meeting of the General Assembly.

2. Quorum - A quorum shall consist of no less than seven members of the Executive Board and any action shall be based upon a simple majority vote.

Article VIII General Assemblies

1. Annual Meeting – The annual meeting wil be held in the fall of each year at a time and place determined by the Executive Board.
2. Special Meetings – Special meetings may be called by the Executive Director or the President.

Article IX Committees
1. Committees may be formed as deemed necessary by the Executive Board.
Article X Amendments

1. Amendments to the constitution shall be by referendum vote of the members at the annual fall meeting. A majority vote is necessary for adoption.
2. Amendments may be proposed by the Executive Board.

Article XI Constitution
1. The Constitution of the Vermont Basketball Coaches Association shall be adopted by a majority of the member coaches at the annual meeting.